Mark T. Quigley, Esq., Greene Broillet & Wheeler, LLP.

Working with Dr. Rothschild has been key to my achieving great outcomes for my clients: at verdict and settlement. Her assistance with witness preparation, jury selection procedures, ability to evaluate jurors, aid with voir dire and trial strategy has enhanced my ability to be effective during jury selections and in presenting my case. Judy is a team player; put simply, she’s great!

Joseph J. Appel, Appel Law Firm LLP

Dr. Rothschild is terrific! Her consultation on case analysis, mock juror research (in person and online), voir dire, witness prep, and graphics has helped identify themes and strategies that highlight the strengths of my cases, diffuse weaknesses, and neutralize dangers of opposing counsels’ cases. She is a powerful force in anyone’s legal case. Her is easy to work with and her assistance has been vital in my success in achieving a multi-million dollar settlement in a very tough case, and a high six figure settlement in a case with difficult-to-prove injuries. She has my highest recommendation.

Carla V. Minnard, Esq., Minnard Law Firm

Dr. Rothschild has been a critical part of my trial team in several difficult cases. Judy’s skills are absolutely essential in trial prep and during trial. Her input guards against potential blind spots. She is terrific at shifting through a large volume of information and honing in on what is important. Her education and range of experiences enables her to identify both dangers and advantages that we as trial lawyers may not always see. Case analysis, witness preparation, in court assistance with jury selection—she does it all. She is a delight to work with if I could hire her in every case, I would.